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  • Take advantage of our event planning tips for your next outing, work meeting, holiday party, banquet and more hosted at Ed Oliver in Wilmington, Delaware!
  • The Coronavirus outbreak has shifted life as we know it. For those of you who have had events postponed, you understand that it feels like we are in limbo.
  • It’s that time of year again! Santa came and went. The New Year’s ball has been dropped. You spent the last 2 weeks traveling everywhere and visiting everyone… Now it is time to think ahead!
  • Do you ever consider which side of the tee box you are going to tee off from or do you just walk to the closest section and just let it fly?
  • As a golf instructor, I see hundreds of golfers every week hitting golfs balls on our driving range. It is usually easy to pick out who knows the correct way to practice, but many others do not!
  • Winter in Delaware can be a very rewarding time of year to play golf. Less golfers on the course means more space to yourself and a more personal experience on the course.
  • As we get into the depths of summer it is important to start thinking about how course conditions can start to change and how it can effect what type of shots we are playing on the golf course.
  • Per the Governor's orders, all guests must wear a mask or face covering when entering the clubhouse or when around other team members or guests. We are required to refuse entry to anyone who is not wearing a mask or face covering.
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