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Golf Tips

Tips from the Pro: How to Hit a Punch Shot

Nattrass/Getty Images

As we get into the depths of summer it is important to start thinking about how course conditions can start to change and how it can effect what type of shots we are playing on the golf course.

One of the biggest changes comes with the firmness most courses see with the peak of summer. Most days you can pick up a lot of extra roll if you can learn to hit a proper stinger or punch shot to chase down the fairway.

The way that I achieve this golf shot comes down to just a few changes to my set up and swing:

  1. Ball Position: Since I want this ball to chase down the fairway I am going to move the ball back in my stance a few inches. Normally I play my 2 or 3 hybrid off my front heel, so when I attempt to hit this punch shot I am going to have the ball back near the middle of my stance.
  2. Hand Position: I want to make sure I have my hands ahead of the ball both pre-shot and at impact.
  3. Swing Length and Speed: This punch shot swing should be no longer then shoulder high both in back swing and follow through. This shorter swing will help me produce the lower and more controlled ball flight!
  4. Weight Distribution: When trying to control the height of the ball I love to feel a little more weight set up (65%) on my front side. This combined with a shorter golf swing will help me keep a lower ball flight.

All of these things together with a smooth, controlled golf swing will help me generate some low punch shots that will chase for a long time down any firm fairway!

See if you can go out and learn this punch shot to help you navigate some of the firmer conditions you’ll see over the course of the summer time!