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Golf Tips

Tips from the Pro: Tee Box Strategy


Do you ever consider which side of the tee box you are going to tee off from or do you just walk to the closest section and just let it fly?

This month’s tip is on some basic golf course strategy that a high majority of golfers probably never consider; Tee box strategy.

There are two major things we need to consider when deciding where we are going to tee it up:

  • Number One – Where is the trouble on my drive?
  • Number Two – Which direction is wind blowing? What direction are we going to shape the ball?

Where Is the Trouble?

Whenever I get to a tee box and notice one side of a hole I do not want to be on, I will immediately chose to tee up on that same side. Water on the right? Tee off on the right side of tee box and aim down the left side of fairway. Nasty row of bunkers down the left hand side of rough? Start with teeing off on the left side of the tee box and aiming down the right side of fairway. You will give yourself better angles to avoid the major trouble on each hole!

If for instance I am playing hole 11 at Ed Oliver’s, I will make sure to tee the ball up on the right side of the tee box and aim for the left side of the fairway in order to avoid the water hazard that runs down the whole right hand side of the hole.

Shot Shape - Where Do You Miss It?

When we want to move the ball left to right off the tee, we should be utilizing the right hand side of a tee box. This allows us to aim down the left side of the fairway and gives us the best angle for our shot shape to end up in the fairway.

Similarly, if I come to a tee box and the wind is blowing hard left to right, I will tee it up on the right hand side. I will then aim down the left and allow the wind to naturally bring my ball back into the fairway giving me the best angle to do so!

Try using this basic course strategy and begin avoiding the trouble around golf courses a little more easily!