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Golf Tips

Tips from the Pro: Winter Warriors!

Winter Golf X

Winter in Delaware can be a very rewarding time of year to play golf. Less golfers on the course means more space to yourself and a more personal experience on the course.

Here are some tips I have gathered over the years to make winter golf a little more bearable:

  1. You can never overdress! - I like to wear as many layers as possible and try to always include a winter hat and a windbreaker jacket! Winter gloves designed for golf (with a hand warmer added in) can be the difference between a comfortable winter day on the course and feeling frozen.
  2. Use a softer golf ball and take a couple clubs more - Colder temperatures make it harder for all of us golfers to reach the same level of compression we would see in the summer time. This will lead to shorter carry distances, less roll, and longer approach shots into greens! Experiment with different compression balls. Softer balls tend to go farther when its colder due to how cold air effects compression values! Play a softer ball and take a club or two more for your approach shots!
  3. Remember to hydrate and eat. - When it’s cold outside it is a lot easier to try to drink coffee to stay warm. Instead make sure you are drinking plenty of water to keep our bodies working efficiently in the cold. Also make sure you are eating throughout the round. Our bodies tend to burn a little more energy when we are trying to fight the cold, so try to keep up on your nutrients throughout the round!
  4. Ditch the Cart - I always find myself wanting to walk during the winter season for a few reasons. The biggest reason is the obvious one; it is warmer when you walk! The constant movement beats sitting in a golf cart for extending periods of time! I also enjoy the exercise aspect of walking. It is harder to find times to exercise (especially outdoors) during the winter and walking 9 or 18 holes is an awesome way to get some Vitamin D while also getting a healthy workout in!

Lots of folks are scared away by winter winds and the cold temperatures. Learn to play in the cold and you will learn to appreciate it for the differences it brings to the game!