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Golf Tips

Tips from the Pro: New Year's Resolution


It’s that time of year again! Santa came and went. The New Year’s ball has been dropped. You spent the last 2 weeks traveling everywhere and visiting everyone… Now it is time to think ahead!

Let’s get a 2019 Golfer’s Resolution List going... we asked our shop staff for some of their 2019 resolutions and how to get them done.

  1. PLAY MORE GOLF! – Easy. Make sure you explain to your spouse/significant others why playing more golf will make you a better person.
  2. I will not get angry on the course. – Let’s learn to enjoy our time on the course with our friends and nature. No more throwing fits! Instead of throwing your club at a tree when you nail the trunk, learn to appreciate how pretty that tree looks even after you nailed it.
  3. I will work on my chipping and putting, instead of pounding balls on the range. – There is no quicker way to knock shots off your game then improving your putting and chipping!
  4. I will not hit it onto Greenhill Ave on hole 3 (Good luck!)… or hole 9 parking lot… or hole 18 pond…
  5. Walk more rounds. – This can help with almost everyone’s other resolutions to exercise and be healthy!
  6. And Finally, I will speak with a real-life golf pro about how to improve my game, instead of watching YouTube videos on golf swings for days on end. Nothing can more quickly mess your game up than listening to some online golf pros weekly tips (which more than likely are not addressing your own problems!). Please see your local pro to get better this season!

Hope to see everyone out on the course this winter!!

Tommy Ellison
Assistant General Manager / Head Golf Professional
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