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Event Planning

COVID-19 Postponed My Event! Now What?


The Coronavirus outbreak has shifted life as we know it. For those of you who have had events postponed, you understand that it feels like we are in limbo.

When can we reschedule? How many people can we have? Will all my guests be able to make it? And most importantly, is it safe? There are so many questions that can’t be firmly answered right now. But as more guidelines come out, we will have definitive information on how to move forward. So, what do we do right now?

1. It’s okay to take a planning pause. Your original date didn’t work out, and you’re probably disappointed about that. Take a moment to be bummed out. No one wants to have their event postponed. When you resume planning, it will feel more like you are beginning the process with a new event instead of picking up the pieces of your ‘would-have-been’ party.

2. Stay away from season specific décor. We’ve unfortunately had to postpone many events into different seasons due to the Coronavirus. Keeping your décor more broadly themed will eliminate any issues if you must postpone an event. Stick to the classics – flowers, balloons, and candles never go out of style and fit any season.

3. Brainstorm some new ideas. Check out some forums on event planning sites like WeddingWire and Pinterest. Set up a Zoom session with some friends to think up new ideas. We’re all navigating through this together. Sharing ideas and excitement with others in a similar position has helped me stay creative and motivated during this time.

4. Stay positive and try not to stress. Easier said than done - but try not to fret about things out of your control. Most of us can’t decide when venues reopen or what restrictions will be in place. We do get to decide how we adapt to our new normal. What concessions are you willing to make to allow for social distancing? Be realistic about what you want from your event. If you know you want a 100-person wedding with a buffet and dance floor, that might take longer to achieve than a 25-person luncheon with a plated meal.

5. Reach out if you need help. Event planning should be fun! If you are having a hard time, connect with the people you are working with to plan your event. They may be able to offer industry insights on revised policies, safety precautions, and ideas from other groups that may help ease some worries. At Ed Oliver, we are penciling in back-up dates as requested, planning for our new normal, and making sure our operation is as safe as possible. Every event presents a unique circumstance, so we are working with our clients on a case by case basis to figure out what works best for them and how to plan for the uncertain future. Keep in mind, your vendors want you to have your event as much as you do!

We’re in a socially distant time and connecting with people feels even more important now than ever. Check in with your friends and family, stay informed, and be as positive as you can. It’s only a matter of time before we’re all on the dance floor together again.


Mary Leneweaver
Director of Catering and Event Sales