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The END of the 5 Hour Round

Pace of play.  If you've played more than 3 rounds of golf in your life, you've complained about pace of play before.  And trust me...I am fully aware that it was because of one of these two reasons: either the group in front of you played too slow, or we, the course managers, crammed too many people on it.    I know it had nothing to do with you at all. 
That being said, there are a few things you can do to help us manage this reoccurring golf course problem. 

  • Keep score on the tee  -  Doing this will allow the group behind you to hit their approach shots without the fear of clunking you with a golf ball. 
  • It's just a golf ball - if you haven't found it in a reasonable amount time, take your lumps and move on.  We'll give you a good deal on another dozen at the turn. 
  • There is such a thing as too many practice swings - If your 13th practice swing still doesn't feel right, please see Dennis for lessons. 
  • Tee off when the players in front of you are out of range - and I mean when they are out of YOUR range and not Tiger's. 
  • Hit a provisional if it's close to OB - Oh...and see rule 2
  • Keep an eye on your buddy's ball - I know this is a big money match and you want to win, but the $2 Nassau isn't worth the extra hour. 
  • For some more great tips, check out this article from the USGA.