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Tantrums on the Golf Course

So we've all seen it by now.  After a not-so-great 3-iron shot on number 8 at Doral found the like, Rory heaved the guilty club right in behind it.  While he may still be the world's number one golfer, does this even rank in the top ten golf tantrums?  Club-throws, definitely, but not tantrums.  Here is my very unofficial top 10. 

Number 10:  Henrik Stenson  
After duffing a chip at the Dubai Desert Classic in 2011, Henrik pulled of a two-handed, over-the-head dunk shot into the pond behind him.
Number 9 - John Daly
On the way to a smooth 78 in the 2008 Australian Open, Daly was the subject of a fan's photo on the final hole.  Let's just say after flying into a tree, that camera is no longer functional. 

Number 8 - Ben Crenshaw
Down two through 6 in the 1987 Ryder Cup, Crenshaw made his day even more difficult when he snapped his putter.  He finished his round by putting with a one-iron.  Impressively, Ben was able to take the match to the 18th before finally losing. 

Number 7 - Tiger Woods
Proving it's impossible to have a golf list of any kind without including Tiger, here's a bit of his round from the 2012 Masters.

Number 6 - Henrik Stenson 
Two top-tens is nothing new for the Swede, but this isn't that kind of list.  This one is from the 2011 US Open.  Apparently nothing went according to plan here as this tantrum required some medical attention. 

Number 5- Woody Austin
I honestly can't watch this without laughing hysterically, so you'll have to find it on YouTube yourself.  Just type "Woody Austin Breaks Putter on Head".  Classic. 

Number 4 - Adam Sandler
Ok.  I'm cheating here.  But how can you have a list of golf tantrums and not include Happy Gilmore. 

Number 3 - Sergio Garcia
Speaking of Happy Gilmore, Sergio Garcia's had his "Happy" moment during the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits.  When his bunker shot fell a bit (a lot) short, the bunker took the blame.  Apparently its not a violation to ground your club in a bunker if you do it over and over with excessive force. 

Number 2 - Hennie Otto
We've all done this.  Can't hate the man for it.

Number 1 - Sergio Garcia
Finally!  Sergio was able to hang on for a win!  Of course, he didn't hang on to his shoe.  After what we'll call slipping out of his swing, Sergio decided he had on the wrong spikes.  So off went the shoe into the crowd of on-lookers. 
Congrats on the victory, Sergio.