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Sweepers Needed!

The Greenhill Men's Golf Assocation at Ed Oliver Golf Club is currently looking for some fresh meat...um...I mean... new players to join the daily sweeps game. 
One of the best games going, Association members can sign up in the pro-shop 7 days a week before 9AM  for the 9:30 starting time.  Captains are determined by handicap and teams of 4 are selected.  There's a small Nassau with best 2 of 4 in play, a couple greenies, and some skins to keep things a bit more exciting. 
Greenhill Men's Association members can also participate in several tournaments throught the season, each with its own unique format.  And of course, the annual Men's Club Championship - a 3 day event to crown the top sweeper of them all! 
Cost for new members is just $90 for the year ($25 assocation dues, $35 sweepers fee, and $30 handicap services) plus your greens fees for the day.  New members will get a 2015 DE Advantage Card if they sign up before April 1 (read about that card here http://www.edolivergolfclub.com/join). 
For more info on joining, visit the pro-shop or send an e-mail to  info@edolivergolfclub.com