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Storm Water Project Update

Have you driven by Ed Oliver's lately?  
If you've been down Edgehill, Greenhill, or Dupont you've undoubtedly noticed some impressive piles of dirt (#mountporky).  So what's all the fuss about?  
Work began a few weeks ago on a Storm Water Management and Reclamation project that includes expansion of our current irrigation pond and the installation of two new retention ponds.  So what does that mean to you?  
Well if you've lived in Wilmington long enough, I'm sure you've experienced some flooding issues.  This project will allow us to capture millions of gallons of storm water before it has the chance to overwhelm the storm water system along Greenhill Avenue.  We will be able to reclaim this water through our brand new irrigation system which will reduce our need to use any of the city's potable water and save city and tax dollars on water treatment along the way.  
This work will continue throughout the next 8 weeks or so but don't worry - we'll be ready to go in time for the start of the golfing season.  
In the meantime, we will continue to have at least 9 holes open for play all winter long (weather permitting).  So come check out the progress, and bring the clubs with you!