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Introducing the Weekly Blog

Hackers, Duffers, Aces, and Ball-Strikers: 

Welcome to the new Ed Oliver Blog Page!  Here, you will find interesting articles, news from the course, tips from our pro, information from our superintendent, or just random stuff I think you may find entertaining. 
So who am I?  I'm Rob Polillo, General Manager at Ed Oliver Golf Club.  I'm the guy that sets the greens fees.  If you missed that 6-footer on 18, it was my fault.  It was me that squeezed that foursome of slow players in front of you.  I am, at the same time, the guy who caused it to rain on your day off and the guy who caused the fairways to burn out from drought.  I am also the one who continues to do everything in my power to make sure that you have the most fun and enjoyable golf experience possible and I rely on our customer feedback to make sure I can do my job.  So please, if you see me around the course, let me know how your day is going.  Reach out via e-mail at RPolillo@edolivergolfclub.com.  Give me a call at 302-571-9041 ext 8.  Find me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EdOliverGolf, or just walk in my office and let me know whats going on.  No matter how you want to get a hold of me, just keep that feedback coming! 

Check back here every week or so for some more news and notes from Ed Oliver GC!