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Course Improvement Updates

Course improvements have begun! 
Those of you who have played here in recent years can appreciate our need for an updated irrigation system.  And now we're getting one!  The crews have been working at a feverish pace to get thousands and thousands of yards of pipe fused and put into place. 
So how will this impact the golf course? 
Well, with over 500 new sprinkler heads being put in the ground, we'll have more water coverage then ever before allowing us to effectively irrigate all areas of the golf course and not just our greens and tees.  And with all that water coverage, we'll be able to apply more seed and fertilizer throughout the growing season. 
In the meantime?   
These pipes dont go in the ground on their own.  Between now and spring, crews will continue to work and one or two holes may need to be closed here and there.  Because of that inconvenience, we have switched to our off-season rates a month early! 
Keep checking us out.