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Practice Perfectly

As a golf instructor, I see hundreds of golfers every week hitting golfs balls on our driving range.  It is usually easy to pick out who knows the correct way to practice, but many others do not! As someone who has played at the professional level, I notice many things that higher handicap Read More

Tips From the Pro - New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolution It’s that time of year again! Santa came and went. The New Year’s ball has been dropped. You spent the last 2 weeks traveling everywhere and visiting everyone… Now it is time to think ahead! Let’s get a 2019 Golfer’s Resolution List going... we asked our shop staff for some of Read More

Tips from Tommy - How to Hit the Punch Shot

As we get into the depths of summer it is important to start thinking about how course conditions can start to change and how it can effect what type of shots we are playing on the golf course. One of the biggest changes comes with the firmness most courses see with the peak of summer. Most days Read More

Tips from the Pro - Tee Box Strategy

Tee Box Strategy Do you ever consider which side of the tee box you are going to tee off from or do you just walk to the closest section and just let it fly? This month’s tip is on some basic golf course strategy that a high majority of golfers probably never consider; Tee box strategy. There are Read More

When the NBA Meets the PGA

The Ellie Mae Classic is right around the corner, and the golf world is clamoring to get tickets and offer their two cents on who will come out with the illustrious win. OK – that’s not exactly true, in fact, many people even within the golf industry probably haven’t even heard of the Ellie Mae Read More

Summer Heat Cramping Your Golf Game?

With the official start of Summer underway, we are experiencing record breaking temperatures. Summer heat can be wonderful when you’re laying out on the beach or taking a dip in the pool, but while you are on the golf course, it can hinder your swing. Instead of fantasizing about a swim in a cool Read More

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